Flash TWRP Custom Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 2/Note II N7100 using ODIN

Posted on Jun 29 2013 - 12:28pm by Erum Shakil

TWRP is the latest custom recovery for android devices, which is totally touch screen based, kindly makes CWM outdated. Wanted to try it out, since it is all new and all, so here’s how you can give it a go yourself

You’d need to be rooted for this, so in case you are not yet rooted, refer to this post

Step 1:  Download  CF Auto Root package by Tweeting, Sharing, Liking or Google Plusing this article! 🙂

(we are going to use use ODIN from this package, it is the most reliable Odin for me, and I higly recommend it) and extract it.

Step 2: Download TWRP Recovery from here (Note: this recovery file is ONLY FOR NOTE II N7100)

Step 2: Get your system and Note II ready, install Kies and Samsung USB driveron your computer, in case you haven’t already and keep your official micro-usb cable at hand

Step 3: Open Odin and put “openrecovery-twrp-” in PDA

Step 4: Turn off Note II and reboot in download mode (Vol down+Home+Power button), once booted in download mode, you’ll see a warning, press Vol up to continue.

Step 5: Connect your device to your system and wait till device successfully added to com port (it will turn yellow or light blue)

Step 6: Press start and flash away!

Step 7: Wait till you see “PASS” in ODIN, the phone will automatically boot

Step 8: Reboot your phone in Recovery Mode (Vol Up+Home+Power Button) and welcome TWRP recovery!

Happy Flashing! And oh here’s a video to help you through 🙂


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