Framaroot – One Click Solution To Rooting Any Android Device

Posted on Oct 11 2013 - 7:44am by Erum Shakil

How many times we have suffered the dilemma of how to root an android phone or device, and spent days in finding the appropriate and most suitable rooting method for your particular android device. The good news is, those days are all behind us, as alephzain, a renowned XDA developer came up with Framaroot,  a one click application that roots almost any android phone or device without even needing a computer.

Framaroot uses six major and safe explorts to root your android phone including Gandalf, Boromir, Sam, Froyo, Aragorn and Gimili (LOTR fans, raise your hands!). Framaroot is the safest method to root any android phone, as it simply tells you during the process if Super User, SU is being pushed through an exploit or not, if a certain exploit doesn’t work for your phone, you can try the next.

If at any time you don’t feel adventurous, and don’t want to try any other exploit, simply don’t! Nothing would happen to your device. What an awesome bet?!!

Head over to step-by-step guide on how to root ANY Android phone


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