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Posted on Apr 16 2013 - 6:28am by Erum Shakil


For all the Google fans, nerdy nerds, awesome geeks and android lovers or well tech lovers in general time to do some nudging with Google homepage itself. By far, you all must know what app launchers are, for those who don’t, well its like a drawer with apps in it on android OS, see on android, all the apps are not right on your face (except if you fancy MIUI Home – which I do), so all the apps are neatly tucked in a drawer from where u can launch whatever apps you want, more vastly speaking, app launcher also covers as a home launcher in some instances.

Now that we are all on the same page, here is the real deal; Google is currently experimenting with a brand new, built-in app drawer-style launcher through their homepage. When you enable the launcher, you can access Google Play, Google +, other Google apps right from

The question remains, how will I get this greatness turned ON?

First things first, you’d obviously need Google Chrome browser, this new experiment however is also extended to Firefox and Opera.

The instructions may vary browser to browser, but here is my personal fav Google Chrome instructions:

  1. Install “Edit This Cookie” extension
  2. Open in a new tab
  3. Click the “Edit This Cookie” button from the Chrome bar
  4. Find the “NID” item and select it
  5. Replace the “value” text with the NID cookie value (see below) and click “Submit cookie changes”
  6. Refresh Google’s homepage


NID Cookie Value:



How’d you like it ?

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