Game of Throne fans welcome Hodor Keyboard

Posted on Jun 17 2014 - 8:19pm by Erum Shakil


Game of Throne fans welcome Hodor Keyboard

Game of Throne fans with the mind-blowing earth-shaking unbelievably awesome finale of GOT comes a new treat this week, the “HODOR KEYBOARD.”

Yup, I said Hrdor Keyboard. Head over to Play Store to get your dose of Hordor with this new app, the reviews look promising but too early to predict if I’d keep it on my phone for long or not.

It’s basically a pretty decent and snappy keyboard with a pretty fun name, well I was sold on the name to begin with

I wonder if G.R.Martin has some stake in it .. hmmm…. anyway, click on the red icon to go to Play Store Hodor Keyboard.

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