How to root HTC One X the simple and easy way! [working on ICS]

Posted on Apr 22 2013 - 3:48pm by Erum Shakil

how to root HTC one xHTC One X has been one of the main stream smartphones of 2012/13 competing with flagships like S3 and iPhone 5.

Since you’ve come to this section of How Tos on how to root HTC One X, we are sure you hold the charmer in your hand right now, so let’s get started!

I’ve done quite a research myself and come across the One Click Root method as the safest one so far, you don’t want to brick your HTC One X am sure, so simply follow these easy steps and let us know how did it go?

Please do note that rooting with void your warranty (if any) and am presuming you know all the risks involved, rest assured this method has yield no bricks till date

Note: and the author holds no responsibility in case you void your warranty or brick you phone in the process
  1. Download One Click Root
  2. Connect HTC One X using micro usb cable to your computer / make sure all drivers needed are installed
  3. Wait for the system to detect and install the device, shouldn’t really take long
  4. Go to settings > developers settings> enable USB debugging(on your device), the placement of USB debugging may vary based on the android version/rom you are using
  5. Run One Click Root software and click Root Now!
  6. Enjoy the rooted HTC One X


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