Is HTC One with Windows Phone 8 in the making?

Posted on Jun 24 2013 - 9:30pm by Erum Shakil

HTC One with Windows Phone 8 in the making?

If sources to be believed Taiwan based smartphone manufacturer HTC is going to unveiled a new smartphone this fall which will be identical to HTC One but comes with Windows Phone 8. If the source is right, then we all can expect that this new smartphone will give some jitters to Nokia’s dominance in the Windows smartphone market.

We can expect that this will also comes in a metal body along with 4-5″ screen, HTC Sense, Ultra Pixel camera just like HTC One Android version. Similarly just like any other HTC Smartphone you can expect BeatsAudio along with GDR 3 updates.


As per the same source the smartphone is having full HD display resolution along with quad Core  processor. Currently HTC has couple of their smartphones based on WP8, but they never make their presence felt in front of Nokia. So we can say this is one big gamble HTC is playing.

Recently Firefox OS Guide stated why HTC should opt for Firefox OS and move away from WP8 and Android. But this move will certainly chance the gameplay of the WP8 players such as Nokia, Huawei ZTE.

Just to let you on ow, most of the specs we mentioned above as based on assumption and the chances are high that the final product will feature something different. We just have to wait and watch, as three new operating systems are coming to market in the form of Firefox OS, Jolla Sailfish and samsung’s own Tizen. All three of then are not challenging Android or iOS in the early stage, so the the threat towards WP8 is much high. Within the next half year, we will come to know that who will become the third most popular mobile OS. HTC’s this move will definitely bolster Microsoft led Windows Phone 8.

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