How to install Android apps on Nokia X? #AskEdenDroid

Posted on Jun 17 2014 - 6:01pm by Erum Shakil

How to install Android apps on Nokia X #AskEdenDroid

So I’ve been using the Nokia X and Nokia XL for a while now, pretty neat entry by Nokia in the Android market with a Windows phone, yup you read it correctly, the overall Nokia X series is indeed Windows Phone with similar software features and metro layout, but it also happens to be the first Android Windows Hybrid phone.

So the question is if it is a Windows Phone with metro tiles and stuff How To Install Android Apps On Nokia X and Nokia XL?

To that I say, what a wonderful question you asked!

Find out below the three methods (spoiler: Included my favourite method!) below:

psst. unlock it, it’s simple 🙂


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