Install Android Apps on Nokia X using the .apk

Posted on Jun 19 2014 - 5:46pm by Erum Shakil


Install Android Apps on Nokia X

Nokia X allows you to enjoy the Windows Phone environment and use your favourite Android apps at the same time! There are 3 methods that you can follow to get the best android apps on your Nokia X (you can view all of them here)

This post covers “How to Install Android Apps on Nokia X USING .APK METHOD AKA SIDE-LOAD METHOD”

This is my favourite of them all, it’s not only easy, it is a sure shot method to get any and every android app on your Nokia X smartphone.

This method is suitable for you if the apps you want aren’t already available on the native Nokia Store on your Nokia X.

Let’s Install Android Apps on Nokia X

1.  Open internet on your Nokia X, go to any search engine of your choice

2. Type the name of the app followed by .apk extension, for e.g. “Instagram.apk”

3. Download the .apk file from any of the links you get and install the app on your Nokia X

4. Allow the app to install by removing all restrictions you’d be prompted of (see the image on top of the post)

5. Tada! Enjoy!

Find out other methods here.


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