Top 5 Things That Make iOS 7 The New Android

Posted on Jun 13 2013 - 8:42am by Erum Shakil

iOS 7 Vs Android – Top 5 Things

 (iOS 7 on the right, Android JB 4.2 on the left

1. Quick Toggles (Command Center)


iOS7: Gesture based Command Center that can be accessed anywhere on an iOS device. The Command Center can be accessed through a quick swipe up from the bottom with toggles for Airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, brightness settings, music controls, camera shortcut, and even a flashlight.

 Android 4.2 JB: Pre-historic feature of quick toggles in Android since Android 2.3 Gingerbread, in Android 4.2 JB, the two-finger swipe down notification bar is already present. Music controls have been in the notification bar for some time, so that’s not necessarily new.

2. Lock Screen Notifications


iOS7: Now you can access notifications center right from the lock screen

Android 4.2 JB: Been there done that, since at least the last two versions of android, it’s definitely been an integral feature


3. Safari vs. Chrome


iOS 7: Apple’s native browser Safari to now feature a 3D looking interface when switching between tabs

Android JB 4.2: Chrome giving that experience for quit some while now, an year or so to be more precise.

4. Multi-tasking


iOS 7: a Multi-tasking – apps to run at the background by learning the user’s needs over time (hopefully quickly ad accurately). The user then an access apps intuitively.

Android JB 4.2: Not exactly user-based learning potential so far, but multitasking has been an old feature in Android devices, actually this apparently set android apart from the iOS for a long time.


5. Lock Screens


iOS 7: Access the camera app (and probably an added feature to quickly access other apps) right off the Lock screen, and also the classic “slide to unlock” has been revamped to a more android-ish look

Android JB 4.2: Mastered it before Apple did, should really get the credit for it

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