Nokia Lumia has a better camera than iPhone and here’s the proof!

Posted on Jun 26 2013 - 7:31am by Erum Shakil

We all know the very public rivalry between Samsung and Apple but in more recent events we have seen RIM Blackberry and Nokia coming up against the iPhone fan boys.

In the new spot by Nokia for Nokia Lumia 925 series smartphones, Nokia takes a rather aggressive, funny stance against the iPhone users who are turned to the walking-dead; why you may ask?

Nokia Lumia is cashing on it’s awesome camera, showing iPhone users using their camera flash and making the subjects look like zombies. As the iPhone users flash away, people are turning into red-eyes white-walkers (Game of Thrones pun intended *wink * wink). The concluding frame showcases a dead-man taking a threatening stance with a black iPhone 5 in hand uttering the only word ”Photo.”

What is the point of all this? Nokia Lumia 925 has a better camera.


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Erum Shakil is an experienced marketing business grad and a technology enthusiast. She has been running her very own YouTube channel to satisfy her pangs for geeky desires and helping others in the process. Offline, she is an experiential marketing strategist, specializing in 360 marketing communication designs for multiple brands in various industries.

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