Nokia Announces a halt on Symbian Phones

Posted on Jun 13 2013 - 6:18am by GJ

No-more-symbian-phonesSo the long awaited call is here from the Giant cell phone producer. Nokia says   808 Pure View is their last Symbian phone as it takes a longer period to come up with a new Symbian phone rather than a windows phone in terms of Research and development.

It takes almost 20 to 25 Months to come up with a single Symbian handset as compared to 5 months for a couple of handsets on windows platforms. Nokia has shipped more than 5 Million Windows devices all over the world which has significantly gained higher popularity as compared to their Symbian series.

Nokia Symbian devices were left our of the race with the launch of Android devices. Initially the Nokia E series of  E63, E71, E72, E73 and N series of N70, N73 Were the best selling phone in their time. the entire game changed with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Mini and Galaxy GIO as a mid range phone and the launch of other Andoid Devices by HTC.

The screen war continued with the stubborn attitude from Nokia’s end launching the Anna Belle series and not putting in the enough effort to come up with new phones or out of the box ideas. Some of the phones launched by Nokia recently were not even bought into consideration nor their users were satisfied with their performance and the phones were :


Nokia Asha 302 Price Pakistan Nokia Asha 302


Nokia Asha 311 Price PakistanNokia Asha 311


Nokia C5 06 Price PakistanNokia C5 – 06


The only phone that turned out to be a Big success for nokia last year was :


Nokia Asha 303 Price Pakistan NOkia ASha 303.


in addition to these if we move to the Series lower than Asha many people are unable to figure out the major differences among the following Nokia Phones :


Nokia Asha 200 Price Pakistan                   Nokia Asha 205 Price Pakistan                         Nokia C3 Price Pakistan

Nokia ASha 200          Nokia Asha 205                     Nokia C3


And I was unable to Come upp with a single difference between the two of these which have no difference in terms of price but just they have different colors.


Nokia Asha 305 Price Pakistan           Nokia Asha 306 Price Pakistan

Nokia asha 305 & Nokia asha 306


And giving the market 2 different phone one with a single sim with 2 Mega Pixel camera and One with dual sim with just a VGA camera and then One with dual sim and 1.3 Mega Pixel camera.


Nokia X2 05 Price Pakistan                      Nokia X2 02 Price Pakistan                             Nokia 206 Price Pakistan

Nokia asha X2-05           Nokia asha X2-02  & Nokia asha 206


I still wonder what Nokia’s Management was wondering while launching these phones but Im Sure they will have some logic behind.

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