Samsung Galaxy S4 is The Most Loved Handset of 2013

Posted on Jul 9 2013 - 5:51am by Erum Shakil


Sammy’s latest flagship, Samsung Galaxy S4, has turned out to be the most satisfying, and loved handset this year, thanks to a recent surveyish research by We Are Social.

According to The Daily Mail, after extensive research all over the internet, blogosphere, forums and the like, We Are Social found out only 11% registered complaints against the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Strikingly the iPhone 5, turned out to be the most hated handset on the market with 20% of posts complaining about the once lead in the smartphones. Following the list were 18% posts related to Blackberry Z10 and 15% Nokia Lumia 920.

Now this is no ComScore, but if the general consumer sentiments are any indication, Samsung has won the hearts of many with its Galaxy S4 compared to the competing smartphone.

[via The Daily Mail]

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