Snapchat introduces Our Story – be a part of the bigger picture!

Posted on Jun 17 2014 - 7:55pm by Erum Shakil

snapchat our story

Snapchat has announced a new way to watch and contribute to the social storm happening all around you today in the form of Our Story. Our Story sounds like it could be a very cool new feature available now in the Snapchat app that only Snapchat could pull off. If you’re a regular user of Snapchat, you know that you have the option to either send your Snaps to one or multiple users, or use them as an entry in sort of a disposable video/picture diary called My Story. Our Story is a new twist on My Story that allows multiple people to upload to the same diary.

Snapchat already has an impressive user base, so they should have no problem finding people to contribute, but in case you don’t already use SnapChat download it today, its available on all the smartphones so you won’t be missing the action.

Get to know what cool things this little feature can help you do and take over the social media (Facebook is in line with it’s latest addition SlingShot – more on it later.

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